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Handyman Tips For Door Repairs

Dutch Touch Handyman Services Door Repair

Common Door Repair

 One of the most common, and most bothersome, small problems around the house is having a malfunctioning entry door. If your door squeaks, sticks, or has other problems opening or closing, it is often an issue several times a day for anyone who lives in the house. Entry door repair is not always a straightforward task, but in most cases, it is not incredibly involved, either. If you’re tired of dealing with an offending door, here are a few tips about door repair that might come in handy. 

door repair san diego north county dutch touchDoor Repairs for Sticking or Swelling

 Changes in temperature and humidity can cause swelling, and subsequently sticking, of an entry door. Repair for this situation will involve sanding down the portion of the door that sticks and causes friction. To identify where you need to sand, you can slip a piece of carbon paper in the area where friction is suspected and close the door; when you open it back up, the area that needs to be sanded will be marked with ink. Once you sand the area smooth, make sure to seal it up with varnish, or you’re likely to have even more moisture problems in the future.

sagging door hinge repair san diego countyDoor Repair: Sagging
 A door will occasionally sag under its own weight and bind in the doorframe. If the situation isn’t corrected, it will worsen over time until it’s virtually impossible to open or close the door. Sanding the upper door edge is only a temporary fix because the door will continue to sag.
Instead, remove the screws from the upper hinge leaf that’s attached to the doorjamb and replace them with three-inch decking screws. The screws will pass through the jamb and reach deep into the trimmer studs of the rough opening. Tighten the screws just enough to pull back the door a little bit. Be careful not to over tighten them or you’ll bow the jamb and distort the swing of the door.


drafty door entry repair dutch touch handyman services

Drafty Entry Door Repairs

Especially in colder climates, a drafty entry door can make a room that would be perfectly comfortable into a far less pleasant place. Two very common solutions to this problem are adding weather stripping or installing a storm door. Weather stripping comes in a few different varieties, and can be installed in a couple different ways. When done properly, it is a sure fix for drafts that is cost-effective and quick. Installing a storm door can make a huge difference when it comes to blocking drafts, and when the weather gets warmer, a storm door fitted with a screen can allow a great deal of air circulation without letting in bugs.

Hiring a Handyman for Door Repair

 Entry door repair is a project that generally doesn’t take too much time, especially for an experienced professional. If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, you may want to hire a handyman to come and do the job for you. Even folks with some experience in fixing things around the house might want to call a handyman service for door repair and group it together with a few other odd projects. Make sure to let the service know when you contact them about each individual project you need done, as this will allow them to come to your home prepared.

How to Fix Locksets & Doorknobs

Many lock-set problems can be corrected before they become so serious that the lock set will not work. Often, a malfunctioning latch assembly or lock mechanism causes the problem. An improperly functioning latch may be the result of a poorly fitting door. The lock mechanism may not work simply because the lock is dirty or dry and needs to be lubricated with graphite (do not use any type of oil).
 Materials & Tools We Recommend for This Project:
MATERIALS: Graphite Lubricant, Wood Filler
TOOLS: Combination Square, Curved Claw Hammer, Drill-Driver Bit Set, Power Drill, Screwdriver Set, Utility Knife and Wood Chisels.

For serious lock problems, it is usually best to call a locksmith or to replace the lock entirely. If your problems require professional help, keep in mind that removing the lock and taking it to a locksmith is far less expensive than having the locksmith come to you.
 A setscrew on a doorknob locks the knob to the spindleA setscrew on a doorknob locks the knob to the spindle. To loosen the setscrew, turn it counterclockwise with a screwdriver; to tighten the setscrew, turn it clockwise. If a door latch does not operate smoothly, the latch bolt on the door may not be lined up properly with the strike plate on the doorjamb. Repairs range from making minor latch adjustments to repositioning the door.
If the latch does not catch, close the door slowly to watch how the latch bolt meets the strike plate.
The bolt may be positioned above, below, or to one side of the strike plate. (Scars on the strike plate show where it is misaligned.) It is also possible the door has shrunk and the latch no longer reaches the strike plate. Once you have figured out the problem, try one of the methods shown here.
 On mortise lock sets (the type that fit into a large slot in the edge of the door), doorknobs may become loose over time. To tighten them, loosen the setscrew on the knob’s shank. Hold the knob on the other side of the door, and turn the loose knob clockwise until it fits snugly.
Then tighten the screw until you feel it resting against the flat side of the spindle. The knob should turn freely. If this does not help, remove the knob and check the spindle; if the spindle is worn, it must be replaced. If the whole lock set is worn, it is best to replace it entirely.
 If the latch does not reach the strike plate, shim out the plateFor less than a 1/8-inch misalignment of the latch bolt and strike plate, file the inside edges of the plate to enlarge the opening.
For less than a 1/8-inch misalignment of the latch bolt and strike plate, file the inside edges of the plate to enlarge the opening.If the latch does not reach the strike plate, shim out the plate, or add another strike plate. If the latch still will not reach, shim out the door’s hinges. Replace the door with a wider one only as a last resort.
more than a 1/8-inch misalignment, remove the strike plate, and extend the mortise higher or lower as necessary.

For more than a 1/8-inch misalignment, remove the strike plate, and extend the mortise higher or lower as necessary. Replace the plate, fill the gap at the top or bottom with wood putty, and refinish.


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